Canva Content Partnership

We Know Video are proud longstanding production partners of Australian tech Unicorn Canva. In an evolving partnership spanning 4 years, we’ve helped the business grow its production capabilities to meet increasing demand, and achieve a consistent, scalable, always-on weekly content stream.  

The Brief

As Canva continues to grow rapidly, its content needs are ever-increasing, and it is difficult for the business to keep up with demand. As a result, Canva’s video needs were overwhelming its internal resource capacity. Canva was also seeking a creative partner that could elevate its internal creative team’s vision across its projects.

The Solution

As a fast-paced company, Canva required a highly flexible production solution, and a production partner who could jump in, drive and turn around high-quality projects at a moment’s notice. We Know Video was able to integrate our services seamlessly into their existing teams at Canva, encompassing a deep understanding of the business, their content goals, hurdles, and brand tone to create an elevated, always-on content model.



Branded Content Series

The We Know Video team helps Canva to promote its products via weekly episodic How-To video resources such as Canva’s Design School series and Canva Creators. This engaging content assists with user retention and enables the brand to create brand loyalists, by showcasing their products in a way that gives true value to their audience.


300,000 Monthly views
14,885 Hours Watch. 1.7 Years Worth
4,959,147 Impressions


Customer Testimonial Videos

We’ve helped Canva position its product’s feature sets for enterprise businesses through the vehicle of storytelling video case studies and customer video testimonials.

Product Launch Videos

We’ve helped Canva position its product’s feature sets for enterprise businesses through the vehicle of storytelling case studies and customer video testimonials.

Social Video Content

The WKV partnership program has assisted the Canva team in creating polished above-the-line and targeted social advertisements at speed, achieving strong campaign results.

Event Video & Live Broadcast

From video to stills and live broadcast, we’ve covered all kinds of events for Canva; including their Season Openers (annual large-scale events celebrating company-wide achievements) to internal events that offer a glimpse into how the team celebrates milestones and releases new products into the world, to running live broadcasts alongside the Canva studio team, streaming to hundreds of thousands of viewers.