Uber Eats Content Partnership

We Know Video are proud longstanding content partners of Uber in collaboration with Hello Social, helping the brand to ​​amplify its reach across social media through a variety of engaging content formats; from branded content and storytelling docu-series to event coverage, social activations and more.     

Uber Eats – Eat Local

The Eat Local series, in collaboration with Hello Social, is part of Uber Eats’ mission to support local businesses by helping people discover a diverse range of restaurants in their neighbourhoods, encouraging them to visit the store, pick up takeaway or get a meal delivered, in a push to raise awareness of eating locally.

This first instalment of the series features local legends, Peking Duk, who may spend a lot of time travelling – but wholeheartedly believe nothing tastes quite as good as home. This episode features the band’s favourite local eats in their old stomping ground Kensington and the surrounding areas.

Eat Local Feat. Alexander Volkanovski

An episode that packs a punch, this instalment of the Eat Local series is hosted by the infamous homegrown UFC featherweight champion and reigning pound-for-pound king Alexander Volkanovski.

Eat Local  Feat. Tayla Harris

Tayla Harris is a star AFL player, who narrowly missed out on winning the premiership last year. Uber Eats catches up with Tayla as she prepares for the next season kick-off, to talk future goals, how freeing it feels to be unapologetically yourself, and all things good eats in her beloved new hometown of Melbourne. 

What’s in the Uber Eats Bag

This fun, scroll-stopping social series, What’s In The Uber Eats Bag, stars influential Aussie duos Flex and Froomes and Duncan and Evelyn who each play out Yes/No scenarios in a game style format, but with an Uber Eats twist. In-studio reaction videos are a winning formula for success on socials, especially in combination with big personalities.

Ian the Intern – Uber One

In collaboration with Hello Social, this humorous set of social spots features unlikely intern Ian Smith of Neighbours fame, who is navigating his way through a modern start-up, thanks to the help of his Uber One Membership.


Almost Anything on Uber Eats

As Uber recently expanded its delivery offering to include food, groceries, alcohol and more, this fun ‘Get almost anything’ social campaign seeks to herald this whilst making it clear that there are still some things they just can’t deliver, like sausage dogs and cheesy jokes, for instance.


Get Almost, Almost Anything

Similar to its previous campaigns, the ‘Get almost, almost anything’ iteration featuring iconic Aussie celebs Shannon Noll and Abbie Chatfield; takes a refreshingly honest approach to communicate that while you can get a lot of things on Uber Eats, you can’t get everything. This execution of this humorous social campaign was action-packed, as we shot over 30 videos in one day.

The Bird Has Landed – KFC Activation

A human-sized Kentucky Fried Chicken drumstick jumped from the troposphere into a 6-meter-tall Uber Eats bag in a stunning 200-kilometer-an-hour descent – all in the name of announcing that KFC has landed on Uber Eats. The goal was to tell that story in an impactful, distinct and memorable way – we think this adrenaline-pumping five-minute high-speed stunt fits the bill. 

G-Flip Live – Event

To further promote the arrival of KFC on Uber Eats, we captured an intimate live gig/activation hosted by Uber Eats ambassador G-Flip.