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5 Reasons Why Video Is Still The Undisputed King Of Marketing

Latest stats show, 72% of people prefer watching video over text when learning about a new product or service; and one in four consumers lose interest in a company that doesn’t have video. With these figures favouring video content continuing to soar year-after-year, there’s no denying it, video is still the king of marketing.

Though all stats aside, besides its unique ability to combine all elements of other content formats (text, sound, still and moving imagery) into one easily digestible format, why exactly is it that video still reigns supreme in the content sphere? We walk through 5 key reasons why video remains the undisputed king of marketing…

1. It’s great for SEO

OK, granted, this seems weird, given we’re talking about video, not text, but it’s true. According to latest research from ComScore, integrating video into your website has the power to boost your organic Google search ranking by up to 53%. Considering how lucrative a high organic Google ranking is, that’s pretty powerful stuff. Google tends to give bonus points to those who update their site regularly too, so if you’re continually uploading fresh new video content to your website or company blog (accompanied with SEO friendly tags and text of course) the Google gods are sure to smile favourably upon you. 

2. Video increases user-engagement

In comparison to text content, video content is typically shared around 1200% more than traditional text content. Further, video has the power to retain audience attention and increase the average session duration of your website, with people spending on average 2.6x more time on a page with video, than without (again, great for SEO) but also means you’ll have way longer to showcase your stellar product/service to customers.

3. It reigns supreme for audience recall

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in video format, compared to just 10% when reading via text, according to Insivia. This stat alone is almost enough for video to win the content marketing game, for its undisputed ability to outperform all text-based content at communicating messages. Video also remains the preferred medium of content consumers, so not only are prospective customers more inclined to watch your video, but they’ll have a far better chance at remembering your core messages too.

4. Increased conversions and higher ROI

Coming hard and fast with more concrete figures for you (the stats don’t lie, people): The inclusion of video into your marketing efforts and company web presence has the power to up your conversion rate by around 80%, and according to VidYard, marketers who utilise video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Explainer videos are especially good for ROI, due to their ability to present all facets of a product or service in a highly visual format, increasing engagement and hence, conversions.

5. The people want more of it

The people have spoken, and they’ve said they want more videos; and when do they want it? Now.
Our final reason why video remains the king of marketing comes down to the old principle of supply and demand. Turns out the public loves video just as much as marketers do. In fact, according to Buffer, a whopping 43% of people hope marketers will use even more video in the future.

Our advice? Give the people what they want. After all, the customer is always right, and those who cater to their customer’s needs get the greatest ROI.

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